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Version: v1.8

Correct your information for better contribution

After contributing to karmada-io through issues, comments, pull requests, etc., you can check your contributions here.

If you notice that the information in the company column is either incorrect or blank, we highly recommend that you correct it.

For instance, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltdshould be used instead of HUAWEI: Wrong Information

Here are the steps to fix this issue.

Verify your organization in the CNCF system

To begin, visit your profile page and ensure that your organization is accurate. organization-check

  • If the organization is incorrect, please select the right one.
  • If your organization is not on the list, click on Add to add your organization.

Update the CNCF repository used for calculating your contributions

Once you have verified your organization in the CNCF system, you must create a pull request in gitdm with the updated affiliations. To do this, you'll need to modify two files: company_developers*.txt and developers_affiliations*.txt. For reference, please see this example pull request: PR Example.

After the pull request has been successfully merged, it may take up to four weeks for the changes to be synced.