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Version: v1.4


This page introduces some core concepts about Karmada.

Resource Template

Karmada uses the Kubernetes Native API definition for the federated resource template, to make it easy to integrate with existing tools that have already been adopted by Kubernetes.

Propagation Policy

Karmada offers a standalone Propagation(placement) Policy API to define multi-cluster scheduling and spreading requirements.

  • Support 1:n mapping of policy: workload. Users don't need to indicate scheduling constraints every time creating federated applications.

  • With default policies, users can directly interact with the Kubernetes API.

Override Policy

Karmada provides a standalone Override Policy API for specializing the automation of cluster-related configuration. For example:

  • Override the image prefix based on the member cluster region.

  • Override StorageClass depending on your cloud provider.

The following diagram shows how Karmada resources are propagated to member clusters.