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Version: v1.0.0

Karmada Roadmap

This document defines a high level roadmap for Karmada development and upcoming releases. Community and contributor involvement is vital for successfully implementing all desired items for each release. We hope that the items listed below will inspire further engagement from the community to keep karmada progressing and shipping exciting and valuable features.

2021 Q1

  • K8s native API support for multi-cluster applications
  • Multi-cluster application status aggregation
  • Per-cluster configuration customization for applications
  • Cluster Affinity Scheduling Policy
  • Multi-cluster HA scheduling policy: spread by cluster
  • Cluster registry; Support register existing clusters

2021 Q2

  • Multi-cluster application automatic migration (DR)
  • Dynamically split replicas of applications based on multiple dimensions
  • Taint Toleration for clusters
  • Multiple sync mode: Push, Pull
  • Cluster lifecycle management

2021 Q3

  • Multi-cluster service discovery
  • Load ingress support across clusters
  • Multi-cluster horizontal auto-scaling for applications
  • Multi-cluster resource re-balancing
  • More Multi-cluster HA scheduling policy: spread by region, zone, provider
  • Aggregated K8s API endpoint

2021 Q4

  • CNI adoption with multiple underlying network setup
  • Multi-cluster Service Mesh Support
  • Multi-cluster monitoring & Logging
  • GitOps support